September 21, 2021

The Sunny Digital Awards are here for first time this year and they seek to celebrate and encourage excellence in Christian engagement in our digital sphere. In the spirit of Philippians 4:8 our aim is to focus our attention on those people and projects that can serve as examples of best practice for the benefit of the Church.

Encourage your favorite Christian website, app, blog project, or organization by nominating them for this first sunny digital award.

Blogger of the Year
Open to all bloggers in the Christian community, this award celebrates bloggers who have published the most engaging, insightful and well-presented content over the past year.
Podcast of the Year
This category seeks to recognise Christian podcasts series that inform, entertain and engage their audience.

Multi-author Blog of the Year
This award recognises blog-sites that features the highest quality content draw from a breadth of well-informed contributors presented with clarity of design and purpose.

Up-and-coming Award
This award is open to anyone who has been blogging about their faith or the Christian community for less than one year as of 1st June 2019. It is recognises bloggers who have brought a truly fresh and credible voice to the Christian blogging world.

Most Inspiring Leadership Blog
Open to all Christian leaders (not exclusively Church leaders) who blog about their experiences and inspire others.

Best Christian Organisation Website
For Christian organisations (business, charity, group) with a website that clearly communicates their message and engages their audience.

Best New or Redesigned Website
Open to all websites launched or redesigned since 1st Jan 2019. This award recognises websites that by design, content and purpose have added something new and fresh to the Christian web.

Most Engaging Large Church Website
For churches with congregations of more than 150, this award celebrates large church websites that engage Christians and seekers alike and present the local church in a clear and attractive manner.

Most Engaging Small Church Website
For churches with congregations of 150 or less, this award celebrates small church websites that engage Christians and seekers alike and present the local church in a clear and attractive manner.

Best Use of Digital Media in Youth Work
For individuals or groups who have used digital media (audio, video, interactive media, games, micro-blogging etc.) in an innovative way to resource youth workers or engage young people online.

Influencer of the Year
This award recognises Christians who provide a positive influence and make the digital space a better place to be by regularly producing engaging and inspiring content for their audience.

App of the Year
This Award recognises a Christian individual, project or organisation that has produced a truly useful and effective mobile/tablet app.

People’s Choice Award
For any Christian website, social media account or app that has made an impression on the public and deserves to be rewarded. Chosen by visitors to the Sunny Digital Awards website.

Best use of Video
This award is for those that have created a video that clearly communicates the Christian message in a relevant way over the past year. The video can be aimed at either Christians or non-Christians.

Best Use of Social Media
Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or something totally different. This award looks to recognise excellent creativity, positivity and engagement in social media.

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