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She Inspires With JJD!

SheInspires profiles inspiring women of our times to motivate women and young girls to reach towards their greatest potential to educate other women about how to achieve their dreams and to guide young women on navigating challenges through the life stories of these inspiring women.

● Personal development
● Family life and work balance
● Pitfalls and challenges
● Life lessons
● Leadership
SheInspires is a weekly segment on the IM Drive. It airs at 8:30am every Wednesday and is live on Facebook same time. It also airs on Sunny TV, every Wednesday at 8:30pm.
Christine Opoku- Onyinah (formerly Christine Ofosu-Ampadu) is a brilliant young Ghanaian woman who has just been called to the bar in Ghana, making it her third state to be qualified to practice in as a lawyer. She is a qualified barrister in England and Wales, and a qualified Attorney-at-Law in the State of New York. Currently a legal consultant at the International Criminal Court (ICC) and a law lecturer at UPSA.
She joined JJD on SheInspires on the IM Drive and she shared the journey to becoming triple barred, values that have guided her through life, her faith, how tragedy has set her family on a path to making impact in our society and much more.
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