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Bitterness and unforgiveness are spiritual poisons that have found its way into the church, and is slowly contaminating the Christian today. On several occasions, people get offended by others and find it very difficult to forgive.
This book “Victory Over Offences” by Rev. Mrs. Gloria Kafui Lamptey, First Lady of Believers House of Worship International was written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and has in it some personal experiences and lessons learnt that can help you kick unforgiveness and bitterness out of your life for good.
And since this month is dedicated to WOMEN, we will discuss how the “Godly Woman” today can better master and manage her emotions in all relationships and in every aspect of life.
It’s happening this Saturday 8th May 2021 at 1PM sharp on Sunny 88.7 FM. Your host is Vickie Amoah. http://www.vickieamoah.com/
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