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Relationship Stress by Mama Cathy Onwioduokit!

It’s very easy to slip as a person of faith in this end time when all manner of scriptural explanation abounds.
It’s very easy to miss the mark as a result of relationship or marriage because, much of what is called Christianity doesn’t translate to practical fruit of the spirit (but my joy is in knowing, God always has a remnant).
So are you bitter in your soul, depressed and wounded emotionally? Is your stress level high?
I hope you are not a part of those who have allowed relationship, marriage and family matters lead you into the path of unrighteousness?
I hope you haven’t drifted into sin because of hurts and disappointment? I hope you are not hiding under any cloak to massage sinful options?
Remember, nobody, gets remembered because the nurtured pain and frustration to the point of dysfunction or even death. Rather, they are remembered because they managed the ills life threw at them to their’s and heaven’s advantage.
So, get up and shake yourself for the journey ahead. Be determined to write your name in gold and give your children, born or unborn a reason to trust that one can handle ills and good productively.
The trumpet 🎺 of God is closer than when we first believed. Refuse every distraction and compromise and work hard at fulfilling destiny.
Finally, in all what you are going through, please don’t cease to pray for all your family members. The good, the bad and the ugly amongst them.
Always in His Service,
Mama Cathy Onwioduokit.

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