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On TWB This Saturday!

The Writers Blog Talk Show (#TWB) is designed to celebrate faith-based, motivational, children authors and general development authors in our time, new book releases, reviews and commentary, as well as promote various careers within the publishing industry.

This Saturday is dedicated to our children. We will be reading 2 books.

The first is titled “Yebo Jamela” written by Niki Daly. It will be read by Booksie.
Synopsis: Jamela is responsible for fattening up the chicken intended for Christmas dinner, but instead she gives it a name and makes it her friend. Now, she doesn’t want to ‘sacrifice’ it for Christmas!

The second book we will be reading is titled “The Greedy Merchant” written by Sally Garama and narrated by Maia von Lekow. This segment is brought to us by Akoobooks.

Synopsis: A greedy merchant disregards all warnings in search of fortune. But he soon learns that greed is like the desert, it is never satisfied.
Parents/guardians, tune in to Sunny 88.7FM with your children from 1-2pm as we listen, learn, have fun and win amazing prices.

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