Give Yourself Permission by Joyce Meyer!

God doesn’t want us to be angry with ourselves because we have weaknesses. When we stop worrying about our mistakes and cast our cares on Him (see 1 Peter 5:7), His strength starts to flow through us and give us the ability to change.

Since God will be perfecting His work in you up until the moment Jesus comes back (see Philippians 1:6), why be frustrated with all the changes that need to be made? Yes, it’s important for us to keep moving forward in our relationship with God every day, making progress in becoming more like Him, but we can also enjoy ourselves while God is changing us. You can be at rest about what still needs to be done in your personality, character, and life. Study God’s Word, trust Him, and thank Him daily that He is working in you. And enjoy every moment.

Prayer Starter: Father, thank You for doing in and through me what needs to be done, and for giving me the ability to grow and change. Please help me rest and trust You so I can breathe and enjoy my life. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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