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Some Health Benefits of Coconut Water!

Coconut water has grown in popularity over the past few years. Packed with electrolytes and flavor, coconut water is the clear liquid found inside young coconuts and has a slew of health benefits. It differs from coconut milk, which has a creamy white hue and incorporates the actual coconut flesh.

Here are a few things you need to know about the tropical drink, including nutrition facts and health benefits.

  • May help reduce blood pressure and stroke risk: Bananas are notorious for their high potassium counts, but just one cup of coconut water contains more potassium than a medium sized banana. Researchsuggests that potassium-rich diets can help support heart health by reducing blood pressure and even protecting against stroke.
  • May support good digestion: Coconut water contains magnesium, a mineral that helps to keep things moving and prevent constipation.
  • May help if you’re sick: If you’re under the weather, the body can lose a tremendous amount of fluid from vomiting and diarrhea. Coconut water can help with hydration status and balance electrolytes better than regular water in this scenario.
  • May promote healthy skin: Lack of proper hydration can lead to dry, tight, and even flaky skin. Drinking coconut water can contribute to your daily hydration needs which promotes circulation and radiant skin. Certain varieties of coconut water are fortified with vitamin C which has a slew of antioxidant properties and naturally stimulates collagen synthesis, which can help keep your skin firm and youthful-looking.
  • May help you lose weight: Proper hydration is essential for nourishing every cell in the body and optimizing your metabolic rate. Many people mistake thirst for hunger, prompting them to overeat which can lead to weight gain. And even though coconut water has more calories than plain water, it is substantially lower in calories than other beverages like soda and juice. This simple swap can help you cut back on calories over the course of the week.


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