April 20, 2021

Drumpipo – Out with Amazing Christmas Tunes!

Philip knew from a young age that he was born to be a musician. He often got into trouble for stealing his mother’s cutlery and using it as drumsticks. Born and raised in Accra, Ghana, Philip has always had a passion for African rhythms.

He is a self-taught drummer who never had any official lessons. Growing up in a Christian home, Philip spent a lot of his childhood in church, studying the drummers and learning by ear. He started playing with his church band at the age of 9, and has been playing ever since. At the age of 11, he started earning an income through music by sessioning with local Ghanaian artists.

After completing high school, Philip went to study music at the University of Education in Winneba, Ghana. He paid his way through university by playing gigs in his spare time.

The name DrumPIPO was coined during Philip’s university years. His friends called him PIPO (short for Philippo), and because he was a drummer, this quickly became DrumPIPO.

In 2007 he relocated to South Africa to pursue his music career. Philip toured South Africa and played in studio with various South African Artists. He also played at several international events and festivals.

In 2009, Philip founded a company which he called DrumPIPO Music Production and Promotion. This company specialises in music production, live sound hire, music videos and live DVD production, live band entertainment and digital distribution.

He started an afro-jazz/fusion band called DrumPIPO Ensemble. In 2012 they released a single called ‘Afrikan Child’. DrumPIPO Ensemble’s maiden album, Dreams Come Alive,’ in 2015.

in 2016, DrumPIPO Ensemble released their second album which they titled ‘Christmas In Africa.’ This album
contained well-known Christmas songs that were re-arranged to suit the afro-jazz genre.

Furthermore, Philip decided in 2017 that it was time to re-brand his image. Throughout the years of ‘DrumPIPO Ensemble,’ Philip was the only constant as other members came and went. He decided to break away from the idea of a set band, and to rather promote himself as “DrumPIPO” instead. Since then, Philip has been a versatile artist who sings and plays the drums at the same time on his shows. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t perform with a band but rather he remains the face of the band.

DrumPIPO released a single in 2017 titled ‘Love Train,’ featuring Edgar Canaza. Also in 2019 he released a
single called Tower of Babel and in 2020 Biakoye. In 2020, DrumPIPO released a reloaded version of
Christmas In Africa.

He currently hosts a TV show called the Sound of Silence on his YouTube channel (DrumPIPO Network TV)
which features different artist from around the globe.
DrumPIPO was awarded the best gospel song of the year and gospel artist of the year at the Ghana music
awards, South Africa in 2018.

For bookings please contact DrumPIPO Music via E-mail: [email protected]

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