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On “The Writers Blog Talk Show” this Saturday 5th Dec, 2020!

On the Writers Blog Talk Show, Vickie and her panel will be discussing the topic: “The Making Of A Bestseller: From Writing to Publishing!”

To help her do this are:

1. Kojo Graham, Manager, KHARIS BOOKS.
2. Mr. Raymond Tuvi, Member Ghana Association of Writers (GAW)
The book on review is “CROSSROADS”; a story about Zeenat who finds herself at a Crossroad – caught between her love for Sadiq and God. Which path does she choose? is it the right one?
Find out as Vickie speaks to Tatalu Bako – Author of this intriguing book. 
Time: 1-2PM on SUNNY 88.7FM
Date: Saturday 5th Dec, 2020.
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