I called the police emergency number in California USA and this was the response
Police: 911 what’s your emergency?
Me : (in a low tone) madam I see two armed men in my house, they could be robbers; they are walking …..(Before I will finish my statement the officer just cut in and said)

Police: what’s your location

Me: (still in a low tone ) madam they are walking towards me.

Police: sir stay in your hideout and no matter what happens “do not end the call “, the emergency unit will be with u soon.

In less than 3min, even without a location given to them, I heard sirens ( police, fire, and ambulance) I felt relieved.

Now back to Ghana

I called 191
Machine answers!
for police emergency call 18555 on all networks

I called 18555
Police: Ghana police service
Me: (in a low tone) please there are two armed robbers in my house
Police speak up, I can’t hear you.
Me: (speaking normally) please there are two armed robbers in my house
Police: are they armed?
Me: sir if they are not armed I wouldn’t call them armed robbers.
Police: are u here to teach me English?
Me: please I need help
Police: where are you
Me: Madina
Police: call this number 020*****
Me: hanged up and called the other number
Me: hello is this the Madina police?
Police: yes
Me: there are two armed men in my house
Police: please call the district crime officer on 0244****

I called the district crime officer and he said I should call the regional crime officer on another number.
I called the regional crime officer with the same issue and he said I should call the national crime officer on another number

I called the national crime officer and a lady answered, I told her my problem, she said her boss is in a meeting so I should call back
I told her it’s urgent and that I will hold on.
In fact, am still holding on as I type this message now.
Should I still hold on?

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